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femke halsema

Femke Halsema (Green Party) announced to leave the Dutch politics.

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Avro, a Dutch broadcasting company, might merge with an other broadcasting company, Tros.

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The Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) has reported the effects of the new proposed policies of the Dutch political parties.

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The Dutch Christian Democrats (CDA) are holding a congress for deciding if the party should be in a coalition with the VVD that is supported by the Anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV) from Geert Wilders or not.

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partij voor de vrijheid.

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jolande sap

Leader of the Dutch left-wing political party 'Groen Links.'

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Great Social Media event in Utrecht.

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Dutch twitter community is upset because NL newspaper Telegraaf called 9-yr old Ruben, only surviver of airplanecrash in Libia. Ruben didn't know yet that his parents and brother were killed in the crash.

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ProRail is responsible for the railway system in the Netherlands: construction, maintenance, management and security. Also see #lift.

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The Netherlands (Nederland) is playing a soccer match against Uruguay.

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