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fijne vaderdag

Dutch for 'Happy Father's Day.'

Similar Topics: vaderdag, #degeneonderdezetweet, #opdebasisschool, more topics...


Dutch for 'Fathers Day.' .

Similar Topics: fijne vaderdag, oranje, songfestival, more topics...


People are tweeting about the person below there or their (?) tweet.

Similar Topics: #opdebasisschool, koud, #wistjedat, more topics...


Dutch people are talking about what they did #inprimaryschool.

Similar Topics: #degeneonderdezetweet, wakker, spanje, more topics...


Dutch for #didyouknow.

Similar Topics: #degeneonderdezetweet, fijne vaderdag, #opdebasisschool, more topics...


Hemelvaart is the dutch version of Ascension Day, which celebrates the ascension of Christ's body to heaven. Happy Hemelvaart! #letbiebernottrend forever.

Similar Topics: #opdebasisschool, telegraaf, goedemorgen, more topics...


Wakker means Awake in Dutch. It's morning in Holland and people are waking up there! 'Wakker worden.'

Similar Topics: #opdebasisschool, vaderdag, koud, more topics...

vrolijk pasen

The Dutch phrase for "Happy Easter", happening today on the 4th of April. Dutch tweeters want to wish each other seasons greetings.

Similar Topics: #tvoh, goedemorgen, rochelle, more topics...

antonie kamerling

Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling (44) commited suicide. Leaving two kids and his wife Isa Hoes, an actress.

Similar Topics: zelfmoord, overleden, antonie, more topics...


From the Dutch tv show 'Oh oh Cherso' following young party peeps in Chersonissos.

Similar Topics: koud, nederlands, regen, more topics...

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