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gaga & monsters

Lady Gaga's fan base, her Little Monsters, showing their support for Gaga. Paws up!

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demi & lovatics

Lovatics are currently trying to own the world with their special power, we're only here for the gorgeous Demi Lovato. (@ddlovato).

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A hashtag in support of Lady Gaga.

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queen gaga

@ladygaga has been all over twitter ever since Don Reisinger pronounced her "Queen of iTunes" Friday morning, 18 Feb. This occurred after Gaga's "Born This Way" topped iTunes charts with over a million downloads in 5 days.

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Lady Gaga has revealed that her newest single, 'Born This Way' will be unveiled this Friday. (Feb. 11th).

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@Ladygaga released her new promotional single 'Hair' for the album Born This Way.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Jan. 29th, originally known as 'National Lady Gaga' day in 2010, this year it is now celebrated world-wide as fans all around the world appreciate what the pop singer/writer has created.

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"Edge of Glory" is a newly revealed track from Lady Gagas upcoming album Born This Way, due for release in May.

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On this day a year ago, Lady Gaga released the song Born This Way. Born This Way was born this day.

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