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gary moore

The legendary Belfast-born guitarist Gary Moore (ex-Thin Lizzy) died in his sleep Saturday night, while on holiday in Spain.

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white stripes

The band The White Stripes just announced their break-up.

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Mike Portnoy, drummer of Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Transatlantic etc pronounce himself quitting DT :''( but He said he just wanna take a BREAK.

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thin lizzy

Gary Moore, former star of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, has died in Spain.

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bobby farrell

VAndaag is bekend gemaakt dat Bobby Farrel is overleden op 61 jarige leeftijd.

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jim morrison

Today is hid bday// who's "Hid" ?.

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billy taylor

Billy Taylor is the name of the US pianist, jazz composer who died today (December 29th 2010). Billy Taylor died of heart failure at 89.

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daniel craig

The new James Bond movie is set to be released in 2012, Starring Daniel Craig.

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freddie mercury

5th of September is the day of birth of Freddie Mercury.He was born in 1946. Happy B-Day, we love you.

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AT Mahmud, one of Indonesia's greatest songwriters for children, passed away today.

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