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As in Genoa City? Young and the Restless made #tt?.

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Catania is an Italian football team playing against AC Milan Saturday.

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Antonio Cassano had found the target on 85 minutes for Sampdoria in their football game against Werner Bremen.

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italian football side.

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football match between Lech Poznan and Juventus in the Europe League.

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There is an early UEFA Champions League match in Moscow, where Lille take on CSKA in a life-and-death situation for the Ligue 1 champions.

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Internazionale 1-1 Sampdoria. Forza Rossoneri!

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Greek football team Panathinaikos is playing a Champions League match against Rubin Kazan tonight.

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Italy's World Cup-winning coach Enzo Bearzot died.

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Italian football club of the Serie A which is beating Inter Milan.

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