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george clooney

Who cares why...It's George Clooney!

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Oscar-winning US actress Reese Witherspoon got engaged to Hollywood agent Jim Toth, the latest in a series of holiday engagements, People magazine reported Tuesday.

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keith olbermann

The MSNBC anchor has announced that tonight was the last edition of his show "Countdown".

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chris medina

American Idol contestant who has a disabled fiance that he's stayed with after her nearly paralyzing accident that caused significant brain damage. Brought Steven Tyler to tears. Billboarddotcom has no idea what quality of a person that Chris Medina is and is just trying to be "that person" who has to be an ass about it.

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jaime pressly

Jaime Pressly was arrested for DUI last night.

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A ski lift collapsed at Sugarloaf ski resort in Maine.

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kellie pickler

Kellie Pickler married songwriter Kyle Jacobs on New Year's Day on a private island in the Caribbean.

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bill simmons

Greatest of all time.

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school board

EN:Gunman fires at Florida school board, kills self.--ES: incendios Pistolero en la junta escolar de la Florida, mata a s mismo.

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penelope cruz

Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem had their first child.

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