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gil brother

Gil Brother is a awful brazilian humorist, who tell for everyone bad jokes. He appears on MTV comedian show.

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alice braga

She's in a movie (Cidade Baixa) that's on air right now in the brazilian tv Rede Globo.

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hans donner

Hans Donner is the chief artistic designer of the brazillian TV channel Globo. Some users are saying that Apple copied the idea of opening of the novel's iPad Exploding Heart, aired by Globo TV.

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A campaign among young people who say they will "get married virgins" because of their religious beliefs.

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A banda foi confirmada no Rock In Rio.

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steven seagal

jesse mccartney's album is set to be released on May 6th 2011.

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Houveram rumores que produtora de filme pornogrricos haveria declarado falncia, mas os mesmos foram negados em seguida.

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zangief kid

Casey "Zangief Kid" Heynes gets interviewed - http://bit.ly/casey-interview.

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marcelo adnet

Bc he's soccer player. Duh.

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Cleo Pires one of good Playboy SuperModels.

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