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gilbert gottfried

Voices the Aflac Duck, recently fired by Aflac for jokes and remarks about the Japan earthquake.

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Alfac recently let go of comedian Gilbert Gottfried after he tweeted rather rude remarks about the recent Japan earthquake.

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scott pelley

Scott Pelley is replacing Katie Couric as CBS Evening New Anchor.

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incriminate bigamist

Users are RTing @Mashable: "Facebook Photos Help to Incriminate Bigamist - http://on.mash.to/eRYrLL."

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apple store

The Apple Store was down. Nothing new today in the store.

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rashard mendenhall

Rashard Mendenhall, the Pittsburgh Steelers' running back, didn't like the way Americans were celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden on Monday, and he let out his frustrations on Twitter. "What kind of person celebrates death?."

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facebook paid

Facebook apparently paid 8.5 mil. to acquire the domain -- FB.com.

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godaddy ceo

A video of GoDaddy.com founder and CEO Bob Parsons hunting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe has raised protest from many people & organizations.

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don lemon

The CNN anchor is currently on the air broadcasting the Whitney Houston Homegoing service and explaining why words like Homegoing is used.

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