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David Gilmour's son Charles was one of the students who climbed the Cenotaph during the protest against University tuition fees.

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charlie gilmour

Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Flopyd star David, has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for violent disorder during university fees protests.

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nick clegg

Nick Clegg, leader of The Liberal Democrats is taking part in the third live leaders debate. The first one significantly increased his parties poll ratings.

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Phil Woolas MP is found guilty by an election court of publishing false statements and his general election win nullified.

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shadow chancellor

Ed Balls has been appointed Shadow Chancellor by Labour.

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andy coulson

Andy Coulson is the Conservative Party's Director of Communications. He is trending as the Conservatives have just formed a new government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

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Richard Littlejohn has written an article about Jody McIntyre which is upsetting a lot of people.

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gillian duffy

Mr Brown was apparently describing Gillian Duffy, 65, who demanded that the Prime Minister say sorry after she learned of the comments.

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jeremy hunt

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt accused of misleading UK parliament over review of News Corporation bid for BSkyB and lacking impartiality in his actions.

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fern britton

TV star Fern Britton put Dr Who in Room 101, on BBC TV. Room 101 is a room of ultimate fear and terror in Orwell's 1984.

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