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Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live tour CD/DVD is available in stores today.

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acoustic aftermath

Adam Lambert will be performing an acoustic version of his song Aftermath on American Idol March 10th.

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Sleepwalker is a song from Adam Lambert's 2009 album. Adam tweeted on 2nd March 2011 that he was writing songs with Ryan Tedder who wrote Sleepwalker. Watch his live performance of this song here. http://www.vevo.com/watch/adam-lambert/sleepwalker/GBE431000259.

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adam lamberts new radio single to support the Trevor Project, Aftermath, is on his website. http://t.co/8B5W0QK.

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Mayor Jerry Sanders declares Adam LambertDay at Rak Star @Adamlambert 's homecoming at Mount Carmel High School on May 8th, 2009.

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dang dang

January 29th is Adam Lambert's "Golden Birthday!" He's 29 today! Happy Birthday ADAM!!! His birthday wish is a donation be made to charity: water. You can donate here: http://mycharitywater.org/adamlambert. Dang Dang is an endearment - shortened form of "ya-dang-lan-bo-te" which is Chinese for Adam Lambert.

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Adam Lambert is less than 1,000 followers away from 1 million. Glamberts are trying to get him to this milestone tonight, April 22nd.

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baby cherry

Baby Cherry is the child of artists Scarlett Cherry and Lee Cherry. Friends, family and fans are eagerly awaiting his birth on 1/29/2011. The stars and planets have aligned as he will be born on the birthday of his Godfather, performing artist Adam Lambert!

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adam unfbert

Adam Lambert is UNF-tastic, and Glamberts are awesome. Glamberts are donating to http://www.mycharitywater.org/p/campaign?campaign_id=12617 to help raise money for clean water in honor of Adam's upcoming golden birthday.

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Rakastan!!! was a one word tweet sent by rock/pop star Adam Lambert on 10th April 2011. It means 'I love' in Finnish. Adam is dating Sauli Koskinen who is from Finland. Sauli won Finnish Big Brother in 2007.

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