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go screw yourself

RTs of a @Mashable story: "Adobe Employee: Go Screw Yourself, Apple"

Similar Topics: adobe, apple store wedding, adobe gives up, more topics...


Today Steve Jobs declared Adobe Flash dead.

Similar Topics: go screw yourself, iphone os 4, gizmodo, more topics...

apple store wedding

RTs of @Mashable post: "Couple Says iDo at Apple Store Wedding [VIDEO] - http://bit.ly/cdmwse"

Similar Topics: why user competency, go screw yourself, great spotify hints, more topics...

adobe gives up

Adobe Gives Up is the first few words of a mashables blog titled "Adobe Gives Up on iPhone", the blog is mainly about how adobe lost interest on making flash for iPhone.

Similar Topics: opera mobile 10, high violet, stream shows, more topics...

sneak peek

Because the phrase "SNEAK PEEK" is used in a Mashable article title about Twitter's upcoming retweet feature. http://bit.ly/c3rz3

Similar Topics: mozilla ceo stepping, infographic, twitter acquires, more topics...


RT of Engadget story: Apple Sues HTC for infringing 20 iPhone Patents

Similar Topics: nokia n8, opera mobile 10, go screw yourself, more topics...

opera mobile 10

@Mashable RTs: "Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 Shed Beta Tag - http://bit.ly/dcTkcz"

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mozilla ceo stepping

@mashable RTs: Mozilla CEO Stepping Down.

Similar Topics: another next, microwave treatment, droid incredible, more topics...

nokia n8

Nokia has announced its new phone, the Nokia N8.

Similar Topics: opera mobile 10, adobe gives up, high violet, more topics...

google developing

RT @mashable article: "Google Developing Tablet to Take On iPad"

Similar Topics: first ipad jailbreak, great spotify hints, mozilla ceo stepping, more topics...

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