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Trending Topics related to google instant search

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facebook places

A new location-based feature on Facebook. Released yesterday and there's an update for his iPhone app to support check ins.

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opera mobile 10

@Mashable RTs: "Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 Shed Beta Tag - http://bit.ly/dcTkcz"

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ivy bean

Britain's (and the world's) oldest Tweeter Ivy Bean has died at the age of 104!!!

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google instant

Google has brought its fast Google Instant search to mobile devices with support for the iPhone and Android, the company announced today.

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high violet

Album 'HIGH VIOLET' was released and is now streaming on New York Times website.

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Amazon has launched its third Kindle: smaller, faster, lighter, less expensive.

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Buzz is Google's answer to social media. It's been released to Gmail users and smart mobile phones. It's integrated with all the Google apps, includes location-based features. Some are calling it the new "FriendFeed."

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mac app store

Mac OS X Lion is now available for download on the Mac App Store for USD$29.99. People are tweeting about the Mac App Store as it is the only way to get OS X Lion.

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adobe air

Adobe, creator of Photoshop and other software, today released "Project Rome" - a new content creation application that can run in Adobe AIR [hence this TT] or in a web browser.

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