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got served

The movie "You Got Served" recently aired on American TV.

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chris stokes

Raz B and Chris Brown are involved in a Twitter beef. Raz B has accused Chris Stokes, the former manager of B2K, of sexually molesting him.

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@ChrisBrown called @razb2k a #HomoThug.

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lil fizz

Lil Fizz has admitted to heavy drug use.

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Appreciating 'Side Chicks' - those chicks who couldn't quite make it to being the main chick.

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blind fury

a blind homeless man tripped over some mcdonalds trash and he became furious and went on a killing spree.

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Raz B (@razb2k) tweeted several times to @Rihanna, proclaiming his love for her, then called out Eric Benet and Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) for disrespecting Halle Berry and Rihanna. Chris Brown retaliated with some tweets of his expressing his opinions.

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ricky romance

@rickyromance is @razb2k's brother and supposedly got involved in the beef between @chrisbrown & @razb2k.

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Because @ChrisBrown's FAME&Fortune album is gonna be released on 3/22! #BreezyDoesIt. #TeamBreezy.

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Chris browns new song it slays every song out there and the video is epic yeah yeah yeah.

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