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Greenpeace's video on BP spill.

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It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".

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Lufthansa cargo plane crashes at Riyadh airport: Source: wn.com --- Tuesday, July 27, 2010Riyadh: A cargo plane http://url4.eu/6SNtv.

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Jailbreaking the iPhone and iPod Touch has been officially declared legal. All aboard the jailbreak train!

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cosby dead

@BillCosby just tweeted at 3:49. He is not dead.

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Hampton University, the most prestigious HBCU alum and current students share their experiences on why their school is better than yours.

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oil spill

Bumboclaat how unuh suh annoying rasta.

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The weather -ms. Asmahan.

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Australian Liberal-National Party conservative coalition.

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lohan sentenced

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab.

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