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greivis vasquez

2nd Round 1st pick at NBA draft 2010. Venezuelan 3rd NBA player ever.

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memphis grizzlies

The Grizzlies picked Greivis Vasquez at round 1, pick 28.

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orgullo venezolano

Dr Jacinto Convit and Greivis Vasquez, Venezuelan Pride.

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It's all gravy!

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xavier henry

Kansas freshman drafted by NBA team Memphis Grizzlies.

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dominique jones

Dallas Mavericks take Jones in NBA draft.

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lance stephenson

He was picked by the Indiana Pacers in the NBA Draft. BROOKLYN BABY!!!!

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patrick patterson

DRAFTED...for the rockets..

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lazar hayward

Drafted by the Washington Wizards late in the first round of tonighjts NBA Draft.

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jacinto convit

A venezuelan specialist in inmunology, Dr. Jacinto Convit, developed a vaccine to cure leprosy two decades ago. On June 2010, Dr. Convit announced the successful development of a new treatment to colon, stomach and breast cancer that has been tested on consenting patients within the last two years. Venezuelans ask for a Nobel Nomination.

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