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The band Kara appears to have broken up somewhat acrimoniously, leaving member Gyuri alone under contract.

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Four members of the Korean girl group Kara announced that they filed to terminate their contracts with DSP Media.

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KARA (A popular girlgroup from South Korea) will hold their comeback stage with "Jumping" and "Burn" today at MBC Music Core.

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A member from a South Korean Idol Group named KARA. Her full name is Han Seung-Yeon.

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Today is the 5th anniversary for Triple S, the fanbase of Korean band SS501. We have been together with them for these 5 years, we will continue to support them for another 5 years and even more. Triple S mansae!! #5yearsTripleS.

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Fans are talking about the Korean girl group Kara.

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shim changmin

Shim Changmin, the youngest member of the Korean acapella/dance group TVXQ. TVXQ Duo Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin had their comeback recently. Changmin's sexy smirk and amazing high-pitch vocals during the performance have been THE hot topic.

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SS501's member Park Jung Min is now having his solo debut today on Mnet! Countdown.

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choi sooyoung

Choi Sooyoung, a member of the Korean girl group Girls' Generation (SNSD, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shoujo Jidai), is celebrating her birthday this February 10. SONEs are wishing her a happy birthday.

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Its Kwon Yuri's birthday!!! Kwon Yuri is a member of SNSD, a South Korean girl group.

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