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Haley Reinhart, AI finalist. First contestant to ever sing "Bennie and the Jets" on Idol.

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baby cherry

Baby Cherry is the child of artists Scarlett Cherry and Lee Cherry. Friends, family and fans are eagerly awaiting his birth on 1/29/2011. The stars and planets have aligned as he will be born on the birthday of his Godfather, performing artist Adam Lambert!

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acoustic aftermath

Adam Lambert will be performing an acoustic version of his song Aftermath on American Idol March 10th.

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riff maxwell cherry

Riff Maxwell Cherry was born to recording artist/actress Scarlett Cherry and artist/photographer Lee Cherry on January 29, 2011. He is the godson of musical performers Alisan Porter and Adam Lambert (who is celebrating his 29th birthday also on January 29!).

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adam lamberts new radio single to support the Trevor Project, Aftermath, is on his website. http://t.co/8B5W0QK.

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ashton because he is ga..,.

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pia toscano

What happens when you have a very rare urinary infection.

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ellen paige

ellen paige likes women. at least she looks like she likes women.

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Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Live tour CD/DVD is available in stores today.

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Mayor Jerry Sanders declares Adam LambertDay at Rak Star @Adamlambert 's homecoming at Mount Carmel High School on May 8th, 2009.

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