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the Hallyu Dream Concert perfs by SNSD, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, 2AM, 2NE1, Se7en, 4minute and many more idols.

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Se7en is a korean pop star who has recently made his comeback! kpop fans know him as one of the best and are tweeting about his recent live performances.

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music bank

Music Bank is a music show broadcasted by KBS every friday in South Korea. It is trending now because KARA won today.

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A popular TV show in South Korea airing every Sunday.

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Korean tv channel. There are a mnet countdown.*** #gbagaun.

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Bonsang means "award" in English.

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music core

Korean music show by broadcasting company MBC.

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melon music

EN: Melon Music Awards 2010 was held (today) on December 15th, 7:00PM Kyung Hee University. -ES: Meln Music Awards 2010 se celebr el 15 de diciembre la Universidad de Kyung Hee.

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2NE1 lead dance.

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Its The 12th annual Korea - China Song Festival.

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