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Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his powerful ruling party No.2 quit on Wednesday to try to boost the party's fortunes in an election next month, less than a year after sweeping to power with promises of change.

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alexander haig

Alexander Haig, former USA "Secretary of State," dies at 85

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Naoto Kan has been elected the new Prime Minister in Japan.

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aid ship

The Israeli Army has boarded the Rachel Corrie aid ship bound for Gaza.

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bhopal gas

Justice to Bhopal, India Victims Gas Leak after 26 years.

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Paulie Malignaggi defeated by Amir Khan in TKO in 11th round at MSG.

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Won the Belmont! 14 to 1 odds. Trained by @plushgun.

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The Univ. of Tennessee Volunteers have jusr defeated the previously undefeated and #1 ranked Univ. of Kansas Jayhawks.

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Plane crashes while trying to land at Libyan airport, 104 aboard.

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tropical depression

A tropical depression is forming in the Carribean, which may make the oil spill worse, spreading oil farther up beaches in Florida.

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