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hector bonilla

porque "um dia eu voltarei e te direi apenas duas palavras: 'te perdoo'."

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larissa riquelme

Larissa Riquelme promete ensaio sensual quente se o Cerro vencer o Santos. http://bit.ly/kIAm8w.

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chapolin colorado

Chapolin Colorado (El Chapulin Colorado), antiga srie cmica mexicana de sucesso na TV brasileira, poder virar filme. "No contavam com minha astcia" disse o prprio.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has been under a number of criminal attacks since Nov, 22, 2010. #ORiodeJaneirocontinualindo.

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Crio de Nazar in Belm Brazil is one of the largest and most popular annual religious processions in the world. In 2008, the event attracted more than two million people. Thats one third the number expected to show up to Oktoberfest.

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eike batista

Eike Batista Fuhrken is a Brazilian tycoon and entrepreneur who works in several areas, especially in the sectors of mining and petroleum.

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torra torra

Burn, baby, burn! http://tinyurl.com/4mplkq2. Ou loja de roupas com preo muito baixo para populao menos favorecida.

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mamonas assassinas

a music group from Brazil. They died in a plane crash 15 years ago.

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gil brother

Gil Brother is a awful brazilian humorist, who tell for everyone bad jokes. He appears on MTV comedian show.

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luciana gimenez

Luciana gimenezih looo...

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