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Britney's fans and People are requesting to see some pictures from Britney's upcoming new music video 'Hold it Against Me.'

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Fans proving that she is being a legend according to her new powerful single Hold It Against Me.

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Due to the fact "Little Monsters" spammed FEMME FATALE... B Fans are thanking Britney Spears for everything she means in their lifes!

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Britney Spears is performing at the Palns Casino libr tonight!

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Britney Spears to premiere 'Hold It Against Me' video February 17 on MTV at 9:55 pm ET.

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Godney. That is all.

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britney promo

Britney Fans are excited for the massive publicity campaign she's about to start for FEMME FATALE.

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Pop singer Britney Spears (@BritneySpears) is performing in Vegas tonight.

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Britney's new album's coming out. It's called 'Femme Fatale'.

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New song by Britney Spears - Till The World Ends.

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