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holly robinson peete

She just presented an award on the 2010 BET Awards.

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jada pinkett smith

Jada showed up to the BET awards tonight. She looks nice minus the hair.

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keshia cole

Keyshia Cole just sung on the #BETAwards.

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deniece williams

Sang with Monica at the 2010 BET Awards, and they co-presented the Best Collaboration award. Monica's song "Everything to Me" is a take on Williams' song "Silly of Me."

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swizz beatz

Swizz Beats is at the BET awards with his fiance, Alicia Keys, who is expecting their child. She won the award for Best Female Artist.

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eva pigford

Eva pigford is a model who was looking good on the bet awards red carpet.

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jermaine dupri

He performed very lamely at the BET awards.

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crenshaw high elite

They performed on the 2010 BET Awards Pre-Show and did not do a great job at all. Pretty Boy Swag= Crenshaw High Elite.

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bet awards pre-show

People are tweeting highlights and predictions of the annual BET Awards.

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gonzalo higuain

A hot and talented football player who did hat-trick on Argentina's match against south korea.

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