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HoMin is a compound name of Yun[ho] and Chang[min] from TVXQ. It's TVXQ's 7th year since debut, and people are talking about TVXQ's present, past and future and also about HoMin's picture with a celebration cake.

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The 26th of December 2010 marks the 7th year since Asia's top boyband DBSK made their debut. Cassiopeia are trending this to help each other keep the faith in the 5 members.

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shim changmin

Shim Changmin, the youngest member of the Korean acapella/dance group TVXQ. TVXQ Duo Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin had their comeback recently. Changmin's sexy smirk and amazing high-pitch vocals during the performance have been THE hot topic.

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After hiatus of 2 years and 3 month, Asia top vocal group, TVXQ/DBSK is having their first comeback stage on KBS Music Bank today for their recently release album, Why, Keep Your Head Down.

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Its a poo nugget !

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It is the 7th year since TVXQ's debut in Korea.

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Shim Changmin, the youngest member of Korean boyband TVXQ, celebrates his birthday on the 18th.

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DBSK is a legendary KPop, JPop music group. The members are Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. @seoulfm said if we could make #dbsk trend, they'll put on dbsk on the roll again!

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birthday jejung

KIM JAEJOONG or JEJUNG @mjjeje , a member of TVXQ! and JYJ. Today is his 26th birthday. JAEJOONG is a very popular singer and actor not only in Asia but also worldwide. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEJOONG oppa!

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Dec 15 is Kim Junsus and his twin, Kim Junho's birthday. Kim Junsu a.k.a Xiah Junsu is a member of TVXQ/DBSK/THSK. Cassiopeia, the fanclub, wish him the best for his 23rd birthday. We hope next year we would be able to see xiah junsu and the rest of the members on stage coz we miss ohmygodsun and uekyangkyang already.

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