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Comediante Venezolano que fallecio ayer.

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honorio torrealba

Honorio Torrealba is a Venezuelan comedian who died. RIP. In Spanish form!, es un comediante venezolano que acaba de morir Q.E.P.D.

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popy put it right there!!! oh popy make squel! love it when my latino gf calls me popy! omg!!!!

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jacinto convit

A venezuelan specialist in inmunology, Dr. Jacinto Convit, developed a vaccine to cure leprosy two decades ago. On June 2010, Dr. Convit announced the successful development of a new treatment to colon, stomach and breast cancer that has been tested on consenting patients within the last two years. Venezuelans ask for a Nobel Nomination.

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willian lara

People are tweeting about the songs they will never forget! #TeamDrizzy.

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cardenal urosa

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas, Venezuela is appearing before the Venezuelan congress today to explain his accusations of Hugo Chavez's government. 'Cardenal' is Spanish for 'Cardinal.'

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Venezuelan songwriter/singer who died today from a heart attack.

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Wtv! Mexico won.

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pastor maldonado

racing driver promoted to F1-poor hulk.

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The state-run Conviasa ATR-42 airliner was en route between the tourist island of Margarita and Ciudad Guayana in eastern Venezuela when it crashed today.

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