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(Hormiga is the Spanish word for ANT) Latin singer Calle13 is composing a song with his fans based on the ants perspective.

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El cantante boricua rene perez de la agrupacion calle 13 pide ayuda a sus fans para su nuevo tema sobre hormigas..

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lila morillo

Cantante Venezolana con una que otra operacion, y botox en el cerebro.

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Guys talking about sex.

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north run

The Bupa Great North Run is the world's most popular half marathon road running event. Participants run between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields in England. It's occurring on Sunday, Sept. 19th.

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Paul O'Grady launched his revamped entertainment show, live in the UK tonight, on ITV.

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sandra oblitas

Provost and vice president of Venezuela's National Electoral Council.

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