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hurricane venus

BoA Kwon (@BoA_1105)'s new album 'Hurricane Venus' has just been released. This is her first album in 5 years and her fans are showing their support.

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digital bounce

Se7en just performed his goodbye stage on music bank, he sang Better Together & also DIGITAL BOUNCE.

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Blame It on the Pop, the DJ Earworm (@djearworm) mashup of 2009's top 25 hits has 3 million YouTube views its 1st week: http://bit.ly/blamepop

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darren ferguson

Darren Ferguson is in talks with Peterborough United to return as manager of this UK football team.

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O defensor(zagueiro) Thiago Heleno pede, e Corinthians rescinde seu contrato com o clube. The defender (defender) seeks Thiago Heleno, Corinthians and terminating his contract with the club.

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cesare battisti

PT:Itlia chama embaixador para consulta sobre Battisti. EN:Italian Ambassador calls for consultation on Battisti.

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Marilson dos Santos is the Brazilian runner which won the Saint Silvester Road Race (Portuguese: Corrida Internacional de So Silvestre) 2010 edition.

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chapolin colorado

Chapolin Colorado (El Chapulin Colorado), antiga srie cmica mexicana de sucesso na TV brasileira, poder virar filme. "No contavam com minha astcia" disse o prprio.

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pssi pertahankan

Unfortunate stemming of "PSSI Pertahankan Riedl". Indonesian Supporter's plea to the National Football Association ( "PSSI" ) to retain ( "Pertahankan" ) Riedl as the coach of the national team.

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avrillavigne whatthehell

Avril Lavigne's new single, "What The Hell" will be released Worldwide tonight at midnight!

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