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ian nelson

Ian Nelson, the Queensland State Director of the One Nation Party, is on political talk show Q and A (from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) tonight, Feb 21. People are tweeting reactions to his comments on various issues facing Australian politics at this time.

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barnaby joyce

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has announced he is considering running for a seat in the lower house against independent Tony Windsor.

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gail kelly

Gail Kelly is the CEO of Australian bank Wespac and is a guest panelist on the Australian political show Q&A.

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mike carlton

Mike Carlton is radio broadcaster who is appearing on the panel on the Australian ABC-TV programme Q&A.

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amanda vanstone

Amanda Vanstone is appearing on TV Show Q&A.

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julie bishop

Julie Bishop is an Australian politician who vanquished a garden gnome with her renowned Death Stare. No, seriously, look it up. #ywc.

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penny wong

Penny Wong is an Australian Senator from South Australia currently appearing on the panel show Q&A on ABC1.

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Users are changing movie titles to include Australian politicians.

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miranda devine

Miranda Devine is an Australian columnist and writer, noted for her conservative stance on a range of social and political issues. She is appearing on the TV Show Q&A.

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gerard henderson

Gerard Henderson is appearing on the Australian show Q&A.

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