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info gempa mag

Sabar ya tasik.

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welcoming lee jee hoon

Lee Jee Hoon coming to Indonesia. Entering Dahsyat RCTI for the first time. They are welcoming Lee Jee Hoon. It's Lee Ji Hoon anyway.

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zweiter wahlgang

Mana gua tau.

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anton geesink

Dutch Judoka who died today at the age of 76 years.

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Super Junior member Donghae (@donghae861015) misspelled GalaxyS (a Samsung android phone) as "Glaxys" when he tweeted from the product's promotional event in Singapore.

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A Music festival in the Netherlands.

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mariska hargitay

Actress of Law & Order: SVU. She did not win the Emmy in her category.

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The Formula One 2010 season progresses in Belgium this weekend with the Belgian Grand Prix from Spa-Franchorchamps.

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gray maynard

Better than green maynard. Not as good as yellow maynard.

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