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iphone os 4

Apple held a press conference today at their Cupertino, CA headquarters, revealing the newest iPhone operating software, which includes Multitasking, Home screen wallpaper option, and GameCenter; Apple's answer to Microsoft's XBox Live.

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The home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been searched by police and computer equipment - possibly unlawfully - confiscated, in connection with the iPhone4G prototype Gizmodo revealed.

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@Mashable RTs: "BREAKING: Twitter Acquires Tweetie iPhone App"

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Mobile phone made by Apple. Trending because people think the iPad (Apple's new Tablet) looks like a big iPhone.

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windows phone 7

At the MIX conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft said that "Everyone's Windows Phone 7 Series device is a Zune."

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magic trackpad

Apple released the Magic Trackpad, a touchpad input device for desktops that supports all the multi-touch gestures that you can use on the MacBooks.

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Today Steve Jobs declared Adobe Flash dead.

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The World Wide Developer conference for Apple technologies is going on today.

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iBooks is a book and PDF reading app, currently only available on the iPad but being rolled out with iOS4 from 21 June 2010.

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ipad 2 now has facetime.

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