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Indonesian football player,He's HOT sexy and Super Cute!

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@irfanbachdim10 Irfan Haarys Bachdim is an Indonesian footballer, former FC Utrecht (Netherland) and one of PERSEMA MALANG player(Indonesia). Just scored the fifth goal against Malaysia(5-1). Number 17. Extremely handsome (Geez, just average).

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Nurdin Halid is a stupid dumbass who leads PSSI (Indonesian Football Association). All of Indonesian people very dissapointed with him and starting a tweet with #Nurdinturun Hashtags.

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Gempa bumi dan tsunami meluluhlantakkan pulau nan indah ini. #prayforindonesia.

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Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia - The place for Indonesia vs Thailand football match tonight (Dec 7) #AFFSuzukiCup2010.

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irfan bachdim

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Indonesian for "you're handsome, but it's useless because..." - lighthearted tweets about handsome men who are embarrassing in some ways. for women, it's #percumacantik, "you're beautiful, but..."

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Pong Harjatmo is a famous Indonesian 68 year old actor that climbed up the parliament building to spray paint the words "Tegas, Adil dan Jujur" (Strict, Fair and Honest in Bahasa Indonesia). This act is done in protest to local parliament members lack of priority and dedication in doing their job.

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There is a Twitter hoax that Jackie Chan has passed away.

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Koja is an area of North Jakarta which is currently the scene of violent clashes between residents and police.

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