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Gregory Isaacs, reggae music great, died on Monday, Oct 25.

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rip gregory

Gregory Issacs is dead at 59. Gregory Issacs died Monday at home in London after battling liver cancer.

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Buju's fate with be decided today #FreeBuju #Thatisall.

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night nurse

Singer of Night Nurse, Gregory Isaacs, has passed away...

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malcolm mclaren

Today is the funeral of Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols.

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influential musician Captain Beefheart passed away today, saddening many.

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solomon burke

Famous soul singer Solomon Burke died Sunday while landing on Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

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Singer Ari Up of the band The Slits died.

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Guru from the rap duo "Gangstarr" has passed away.

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gil scott-heron

Morre aos 62 anos o cantor e poeta Gil Scott-Heron. http://bit.ly/jNeAwp.

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