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Apple announced on Tuesday that it has updated its iWork productivity suite for iOS with universal versions compatible with both the iPhone and iPod touch.

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iMacs have been refreshed with new ports, processors and graphics cards to bring them in line with other current models.

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The World Wide Developer conference for Apple technologies is going on today.

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google latitude

Google released the iPhone version of Google Latitude today, which was changed from a native iPhone app to an iPhone Web app, and is available at http://www.google.com/latitude

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Some interesting Apple news this week from AppleInsider revolves around Apple's acquisition of the iCloud domain name.

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white iphone

The white-colored iPhone - the White iPhone - is rumoured to have been delayed in selling and production until Spring of 2011.

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Apple's new AirPlay (formerly AirTunes) feature allows wireless streaming of video, audio and photos from the iPad to other devices.

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infinity blade

Beatutiful iOS RPG game from Epic Studios (gears of war series).

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A new jailbreak for all Apple A4 devices (iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch 4G), 3G and 2G (2G support to be added sometime soon) with iOS 4.1 and 3.2.2 (iPad). Made by George Hotz, aka geohot.

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opera mini

Opera Mini for iPhone OS has been approved by Apple and will be available soon in the App Store

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