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Jaap has won the Dutch version of "X Factor", a reality talent show.

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Everybody from The Netherlands is now talkin' about Maaike & Jaap from The Dutch Xfactor! Its great.

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Contestant Kelvin miraculously survived a voting by the judges on Dutch musical talent TV show X Factor.

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Contestant Sumera was unexpectedly voted off on Dutch musical talent TV show X Factor.

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Candidate on the Dutch talent show X-Factor. Doesn't matter.

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Badboyz are candidates of the Dutch version of X-Factor and just got voted away by the judges.

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Kantine is the new slang for "cool" and people are using it.

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Semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest held today. Armenia !

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Rochelle is winning the dutch Xfactor finals.

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The Voice of Holland, Dutch talentshow on RTL4.

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