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jar jar

jar jar is an alien from star wars ele parece um sapo zuado pra carai.

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jar jar binks

He is a character in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which was shown Saturday on the U.K.'s ITV television channel. For some reason, the name has continued to trend for 2 more days.

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elijah wood

Elijah Wood, actor. Will appear as Frodo in the upcoming film "The Hobbit". In Tolkien's story, he's not a character, but Peter Jackson adapted the story so Frodo will be the storyteller of Bilbo's adventures. Cate Blanchett will also appear as Galadriel again, with another adaptation, since Tolkien claim that Galadriel is the most beautiful woman in Middle Earth, Cate Blanchett is NOT.

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phantom menace

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is showing on ITV at the moment.

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gremi over

At a press conference, Gremio's club manager said "It's over" about the deal with Ronaldinho.

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paola bracho

Evil villain from the soap opera named "la usurpadora", made by Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic.

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val baiano

Val Baiano is a Brazilian footballer. He resigned his contract with CR Flamengo today.

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justin bieber-centric

Glee fans do NOT want Justin Bieber on Glee. at ALL. #NoBieberOnGlee.

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renata capucci

parece ser italiana mais n deve ser sei la _tmc.

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fernanda vasconcellos

Fernanda Vasconcellos aparece sem umbigo em um comercial da TV.

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