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jay bum

Jay Bum Park, or Jay Park, is an awesome Korean American singing, rapper b-boy. Go cop his stuff. Search #jayparkonitunes He just released Bestie and Speechless on iTunes!

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Jay Park, (@jaybumaom) a Korean American singer, rapper, songwriter released his singles entitled Bestie and Speechless on iTunes.

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Jwalkerz all over the world wishing Jay Park @jaybumaom and the AOM guys good luck for their charity White Love Concert tomorrow.

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Jwalkerz are trending #thejayeffect to show how strong it is & how much they love Jay Park. @JAYBUMAOM.

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Jay Park releases cover version of Lil Wayne's 6'7 #JP6foot7Remix http://t.co/DAc5v9j - @jaybumaom.

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jay park

Jay Park or Park Jaebum is a boy of Art of Movement in Seattle and was once a leader of a Korean boy group 2PM.

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Jay Park's (@JAYBUMAOM) dedicated fanbase trended this to encourage him to keep his head high and stay strong amidst all obstacles that he faces against naysayers. He is a bboy, rapper, singer and dancer and fans around the world wants everyone to know he is the real deal. We practice Love&Respect and won't stoop that low against other artists' fandom.

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JayWalkers is the name Jay Park chose for his fanclub members. Jay Park (@JAYBUMAOM) is a popular Korean-American singer, rapper, b-boy/dancer and soon to be actor. Jay Park's fans are celebrating and discussing the new fanclub name.

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After 9 months, Jay Park() is setting foot in Seoul, South Korea once again to start filming for 'Hype Nation'. Fans all over the world are waiting for him. Jay Park is the former leader of one of Korea's top boy bands, 2PM. Despite many criticisms, many people love and support him to this day.

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