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jerry leiber

Songwriter Jerry Leiber has died. He wrote many songs for Elvis Presley.

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nick ashford

Recording artist Nick Ashford (half of the singing duo Ashford and Simpson) has died of complications from throat cancer, in New York.

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while in the car

@Khleo_T & #TeamKhleo started this a TT!!!!

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War criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested in Serbia this thursday. 16 years ago, this former commander of the Serb army in Bosnia was convicted for leading a genocide in Srebrenica.

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basketball wives reunion part 2

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martine aubry

Martine Aubry just released an interview. She is expected to run for the French Socialist Party Primaries to choose their candidate for France's Presidential Elections of 2012.

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phoebe snow

Songwriter and singer Phoebe Snow, whose song 'Poetry Man' was a defining hit of the 1970s, dies at 58 http://on.today.com/gshUvw.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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annie girardot

Annie Girardot is a French actress. She died today in Paris.

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