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Martin Jol is a Dutch football trainer who has been without a club for six months after leaving Ajax. He has now signed a two-year deal with Premier League club Everton.

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Andre Villas-Boas is the new manager of Chelsea FC and fans are debating his appointment.

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mark hughes

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes has been sacked today (19th December and replaced by Roberto Mancini.

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Everton footballer Steven Pienaar is being transferred to Spurs, turning down a possible move to Chelsea.

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joey barton

Joey Barton is an English Premier League footballer who plays for Newcastle United. He has leapt to the defence of Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce ahead of his return to St James' Park.

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pardew has been appointed new Newcastle manager.

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roy hodgson

Former Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson signs to coach West Bromwich.

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darren bent

Darren Bent is a very overpriced player 15m and 18m probably worth more like 5m tops.

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van der vaart

Midfield football (soccer) player for English club Tottenham Hotspur.

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gennaro gattuso

AC Milan player head-butted Tottenham Hotspur coach Joe Jordan thinking he's @JRHartley.

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