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jovit baldivino

He is the first ever winner of 2 Million Pesos on Pilipinas Got Talent. This kid has such a brilliant voice. dats not true son of a bietchh!

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velasco brothers

One of the grand finalist of Pilipinas Got Talent.

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baguio metamorphosis

Baguio Metamorphosis is one of the Finalist in Pilipinas Got Talent. who made it on top 3 as of the votes of the viewers. they did excellent job.

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ezra band

They're one of the grand finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent. STOP adding your PIN!

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kris aquino

Kris Aquino is one of the most versatile celebrity in The Philippines and has been given the title "Queen of All Media". She is leaving showbiz, particularly The Buzz and SNN(ABS-CBN Show), for the sake of her brother NoyNoy Aquino who will be the next President of the Philippines.

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zweiter wahlgang

Mana gua tau.

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info gempa mag

Sabar ya tasik.

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bye tricia

Tricia is a housemate in the Philippine version of Big Brother. She has not been well liked by viewers of the show. She was finally evicted and people are tweeting their goodbyes.

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Jeremy Roenick, a former NHL player and current NBC hockey analyst, started crying once the Hawks won the Stanley Cup in Philidelphia.

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anton geesink

Dutch Judoka who died today at the age of 76 years.

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