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SS501's member Park Jung Min is now having his solo debut today on Mnet! Countdown.

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The solo comeback of Park Jung Min. Or known as the "Sexy Charisma" of famous Korean boyband, SS501.

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Today is the 5th anniversary for Triple S, the fanbase of Korean band SS501. We have been together with them for these 5 years, we will continue to support them for another 5 years and even more. Triple S mansae!! #5yearsTripleS.

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SS501's member Kim Kyu Jong finally join twitter today!! Triple S trending #welcomekyujong to welcome Kyu Jong's joining!!!

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Yes, WE MISS SS501. We miss Hyun Joong. We miss @mystyle1103 We miss @2kjdream We miss @JungMin0403 We miss @HyungJun87 LOVE YA~ by: Triple S around the world.

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SS501 is a South Korean boyband with 5 member. Triple S is showing their love to them ^^

Similar Topics: #wemiss501, jungmin, #501pjmnotalone, more topics...


Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

Similar Topics: jungmin, #501pjmnotalone, #5yearstriples, more topics...


Triple S - fanbase of SS501, are showing their love for SS501. We hope HyunJoong, @mystyle1103. KyuJong, @JungMin0403 @HyungJun87 can see this TT. MANSAE!!!

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South Korean boy band group SS501 is celebrating their 5th year anniversary and Triple S (their fanclub) are tweeting to celebrate it.

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SS501, a South Korea boyband, has released their new single, called Love Ya. Their fans are celebrating it and make it a Trending Topic.

Similar Topics: #5yrss501, #501destination, #501hjlday, more topics...

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