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Trending Topics related to katy perry next week

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katy perry next week

Katy Perry will be appearing on the UK series "X-Factor" next week.

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diana vickers

Currently on the @chrismoylesshow.

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People are complaining about the X Factor finalists miming a song on this nights results show on ITV.

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don antero

Don Antero sells cocaine.

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Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis has more than 100 rushing yards today against Baltimore.

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full court wedding

La La's full court wedding is the Reality show detailing Alani Vasquez wedding to Denver Nuggest player Carmelo Anthony. It premeired last Sunday. Tonight was its 3rd episode at 10:30pm est. Amazing show!

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joe mcelderry

joe is the best sinfer EVER.

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Chris McCormack won his 2nd Ironman World Championship in a finishing time of 8:10:37.

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silver ferns

New Zealanders are tweeting about their national netball team, the Silver Ferns, who have just won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

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lorie saiu

Lorie is a participant in a brazilian tv program. She was elliminated today.

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