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kenny dalglish

Taken over as Liverpool FC manager for rest of season after Roy Hodgson was sacked after a poor run of form.

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avi cohen

the former Liverpool player has died today from the brain injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident last week.

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gerard houllier

After recent heart problems and a stint in hospital it is reported that Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier may not be returning back to club over fears of his health.

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roy hodgson

Former Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson signs to coach West Bromwich.

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glen johnson

is a defender who cant defend.

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This is where the whole Fernando Torres transfer saga is centered.

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charlie adam

a person, idk why it's trending. why don't jonas bro?.

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maxi rodriguez

Maxi Rodriguez plays for Liverpool FC.

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christian poulsen

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Damien Comolli joins Liverpool FC as Director of Football Strategy.

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