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This trend is for Kevin Jonas, the eldest member and brother of the Jonas Brothers. Fans are spreading their love for him through this trending topic. We love you Kevin.

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Awesome Jonas Fans are expressing their love for the amazing @kevinjonas. There are too many reasons to love him

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Fans of the Jonas Brothers got this term to trend.

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Jonas Brothers fans want him to win a Kid's Choice Award this year.

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Hispanic Jonas Brothers' fans are asking the band to play a song in spanish.

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People (Mainly Brazilians) are giving their praise for United States Pop band The Jonas Brothers.

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The Jonas fans are thankful for having these three boys in their lives.

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We're proud of Joe because he decided to listen to Hot Chelle Rae!

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Kids of limited intelligence wasting twitter bandwidth again.

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More ridiculous fighting between Jonas Brothers & Justin Bieber fans over who "owns" the initials JB.

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