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khairul fahmi

Khairul Fahmi is the Malaysian goalkeeper for the final football match of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. #MalaysiaBoleh #HarimauMalaya.

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chong wei

badminton player who never win any gold medal !!!

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anuar zain

A Malaysian singer who performs for ABPBH 2010!

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Malaysian are tweeting about what they have in their generation.

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Malaysians are asking their Prime Minister, Najib Razak, on ways to improve the country.

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congratulation malaysia

We Indonesian Twitter Users congratulate Malaysia for their victory at 2010 AFF Cup. Let's uphold sportsmanship.

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Malaysians are citizens of Malaysia.

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ahmad bustomi

Bule enggak perlu tau lah... yang penting rakyat Indonesia tahu kalo pemain ini dan rekan-rekannya telah mengerahkan 110% tenaga dan semangat demi Indonesia! #GarudaFightsBack.

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hate malaysia

The world are disappointed because of the way Malaysians supported their national team at the AFF.

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safee sali

Safee Sali plays for Malaysia's Harimau Malaya and scored 2 goals against Liverpool.

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