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Dinamo Kiev is playing in Amsterdam Arena against Ajax. Ajax's up 2-0 before the break.

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Football club playing against Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League.

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They are a Dutch football team.

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Its a soccer team,will be competing against ajax ansterdam in UEFA champion league pre round.

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Hendrik Johannes Cruijff, known as Johan Cruyff, is a retired Dutch footballer and is currently the manager of the Catalan national team.

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"De Klassieker" is Dutch for: The Classic. The Dutch are tweeting about the football match Feijenoord v. AFC Ajax that will be on Dutch TV today.

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Twente are gonna finish last in UEFA grp..Totnham 3rd.

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Loting is the dutch word for Draw. Champions League Draw.

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Catania is an Italian football team playing against AC Milan Saturday.

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There is an early UEFA Champions League match in Moscow, where Lille take on CSKA in a life-and-death situation for the Ligue 1 champions.

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