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king wang

King Wang Zzang MV by Defconn feat. Super Junior Kim Heechul has released today.

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wang jjang

Kim Heechul, ROCKS. !!

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hee & jungmo

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul tweeted pictures of him with Trax's Jung Mo. Fans are commenting on the pictures.

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: ELFs are trending #SUJUlove to show our love and support for SUPER JUNIOR, South-Korean boy band and one of Asia's most famous boy band... It's also includes our support to them in GDA.

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#RespectHeenim is trending because fans want others to respect Super Junior's Kim Heechul (Heenim is a nickname). Pretty long story so please read the article at the link if you want to know more.

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SS3 or Super Show 3 is Super Junior's concert which is happening now in Guang Zhou. Fans are tweeting about their thoughts on SS3 and updating other fans about what is happening there. SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BOMB! I LOVE YOU SUPER JUNIOR!

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Hashtag for Super Junior band member.

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Because SUPER JUNIOR is absolutely THE BEST... EVER! no need for asking. #sjbestofbest.

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It's a shortname of two Super Junior members. EUNhyuk + DongHAE = EunHae.

Similar Topics: #ss3guangzhou, kry concert, #eunhaekira, more topics...


A popular TV show in South Korea airing every Sunday.

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