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"De Klassieker" is Dutch for: The Classic. The Dutch are tweeting about the football match Feijenoord v. AFC Ajax that will be on Dutch TV today.

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Stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where the classic football/soccer match Feyenoord - Ajax will take place today.

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Feyenoord against Ajax.

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SBV Excelsior is a professional football club from Rotterdam.

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They are a Dutch football team.

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Christian Eriksen is a football player for Ajax Amsterdam.

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Ron Vlaar is a centre back for Feijenoord, the team playing Ajax today in the top Dutch football league.

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Hendrik Johannes Cruijff, known as Johan Cruyff, is a retired Dutch footballer and is currently the manager of the Catalan national team.

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Loting is the dutch word for Draw. Champions League Draw.

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coen moulijn

Died Moulijn, Feyenoord's former glory at 73. The Dutch Football legend.

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