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kool herc

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jam master

R.I.P. Jason William Mizell aka Jam Master Jay (January 21, 1965 October 30, 2002)

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fat beats

Fat Beats NY & Fat Beats LA are closing in September. Fat Beats Records, Distribution & Dotcom will continue.

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gang starr

April 19th is the one-year anniversary of the death of hip-hop MC Guru of Gang Starr.

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Guru from the rap duo "Gangstarr" has passed away.

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Rapper Guru passed away on April 19, 2010. #RipGuru

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Bobbito and co-hosts Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear are hosting a reunion show of their 20 year old hip hop broadcast on WKCR.

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nick ashford

Recording artist Nick Ashford (half of the singing duo Ashford and Simpson) has died of complications from throat cancer, in New York.

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Teena is the stage name of reporter Mia Melo on the Brazilian TV program Legendrios da Rede Record.

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Rapper Shyne has a new track, "Messiah", that's been released.

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