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Kwanghee is a member of Korean Boy Band named ZE:A.

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magic girl

3 guys from shinee, beast and ze:a will be doing a parody of Magic Girl by Orange Caramel on music bank today.

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A korean boyband member,named 2AM who had his duet with IU on today's music bank. He's trending because during the song, he put up a cute act where as he's trying to hug IU but got pushed away instead. In the end both hold hands and he got embarrassed and can't stop smiling.

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SHINee is a popular Korean contemporary boy group. People are tweeting about their performance on show "Music Bank".

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A South Korean girl group.

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beast airline

B2UTIES are very excited about BEAST's first ever concert to be held on 12.12.2010 in Korea so they are tweeting about this to show their support for BEAST.

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19 December is a special day for B2ST & B2UTIES ! A special guy was born --- @Joker891219 is so fly like a G6 !

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beast airlines

Korean boy band, Beast will be having their concert in korea.

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Beast(B2ST) korean boy band is making a comeback stage at music bank with their new song SOOM.

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Shawols want JongHyun, Lead Vocalist of South Korean group SHINee, to know that they will always be supporting him, no matter what. Haters to the left.

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