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Its Kwon Yuri's birthday!!! Kwon Yuri is a member of SNSD, a South Korean girl group.

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Happy Birthday to you Yuri,,.

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snowy wish

Girls' Generation (SNSD) recently released the MV for the song 'Snowy Wish' from their Hoot 3rd Mini-Album.

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SNSD/Girls Generation's SooTae (Sooyoung & Taeyeon) kissed at the ending of 'My Best Friend' performance @ Music Core.

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South Korean nine-member super group Girls' Generation are performing their long-awaited comeback stage on KBS Music Bank today. Their new song, Hoot, follows a James Bond theme, earning the concept a nickname "009". Fans from around the world are watching the show in eager anticipation.

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snsd hoot

SNSD's Hoot MV is out, their new single for SNSD 3rd mini album. Hoot has been released on SMEnt youtube channel.

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Celebrating 4th Anniversary of the World's Number One Korean Girl Group 'GIRLS GENERATION' SO NYUH SHI* DAE (SNSD).

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The korean girl group Girls' Generation/SNSD is having a comeback stage with their latest single 'hoot' in SBS inkigayo and the fans all over the world are excited over it. SNSD also perform 'mistake' which was composed by SNSD Yuri.

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9-member South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation/SNSD's comeback performance on Music Core with their title song from their 3rd mini album, 'Hoot', using the 'spy girl'/'007' concept.

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Korean Girl group, Girls' Generation also known as SNSD for short have released the MV teaser to their 3rd Mini album title song! Their fans; SONEs are spazzing!! kyahh~.

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