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labour leader

Today the new labour leader is being announced: It's Ed!

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Phil Woolas MP is found guilty by an election court of publishing false statements and his general election win nullified.

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Ed Miliband has been appointed as the new leader of the Labour party in the UK.

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Alan Johnson named "Shadow Chancellor." People appear to have reservations.

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shadow chancellor

Ed Balls has been appointed Shadow Chancellor by Labour.

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eric illsley

MP Eric Illsley admits expenses fraud.

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People are tweting about a televised debate on UK Channel 4 between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Shadow Chancellors of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats.

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lib dems

The Liberal Democrats have surged in popularity after Nick Clegg's appearance on the Leaders' Debates, and people are discussing the party.

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Australian Liberal-National Party conservative coalition.

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People are tweeting about the British Labour Party and how they've just announced their latest manifesto of lies.

Similar Topics: miliband, #lab10, woolas, more topics...

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